About Us

about_imgPerfect Water is locally owned and is an authorized, independent Kinetico dealer. Our team of local experts provide solutions for a wide array of water quality problems.

Just think of all the ways water touches you throughout the day. Bathing… cleaning… playing…quenching thirst… It’s a long list. But like  you probably don’t think about your water unless you notice problems around your home. Maybe it’s iron staining or hard water spots, or maybe your water heater finally gave out, or you’re bothered by dry, itchy skin. No matter the issue, we can help solve your problem without creating new ones.

Making things better is the philosophy behind everything we do at Perfect Water. From the extra care and thinking that goes into designing and installing our water treatment products to employee engagement and recognition, we’re always looking for a better way of doing things.We believe in making the world a better place to live and providing quality water is how we choose do it.

Thousands of homes and business around the area have chosen Perfect water to solve their water problems. Many of those satisfied customers have referred new customers to us. We believe this is because they appreciate the way we continue to provide quality services. We want to do the same for you. Please let us bring better water to your home or business and your life.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a water treatment company. When you choose Perfect Water, you have a team of smart, caring, thoughtful and dedicated employees working to make your life better through quality water.

Does this all sound a little too good to be true? Let us show you that we mean what we say. As soon as you contact us, you’ll feel our enthusiasm and passion for what we do. It’s the foundation for making Perfect Water the true leader in today’s ever-changing water treatment service industry.